The Old Mine Beer and Whiskey Cellar is Unleashed!

(Mustached Elf singing his own version of 12 days of Christmas…) “… Insane beers-a-plenty, crazy bourbon-really, the world’s best cider–all in Erie!”

Steer your one-hundred horse-powered front wheel drive sleigh down to The Old Mine for the top shelf whiskey and brews our distributors have kindly bestowed on us the last four years! Our beer cellar is stocked and every (!) cellared beer is either $5, $15, $25, or $35. Don’t be a Scrooge! Treat your table to some of the best brews you’ve ever seen!

And a heads up — back by popular demand starting in January, we’re bringing back lunches on Tuesday and Wednesday so you can get your midday fill of our slow-smoked BBQ and fresh-from-scratch pizza.

Cheers to you! And here’s hoping you have the merriest Christmas since Bing Crosby tap danced with Danny Kaye!

CrandleBerry Crisp Hard Cider

     Our cider is alive and sometimes has a mind of it’s own! Because we used 150lbs of fresh Wisconsin cranberries, this year’s Crandlebar took a refreshing and effervescent twist, earning it a new name: CrandleBerry Crisp. And it’s delicious! CrandleBerry is lighter, brighter, dryer, and with a subtle cranberry tart finish it leaves a bubbly tingle on the tongue. And … CrandleBerry is available for big pours and GROWLER FILLS to take to your Aunt Bessie’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. It is our gift to you!
     We are so grateful for all of you and would not be here today if it wasn’t for your support and wonderful community. Happy Thanksgiving Old Miners!

Handlebar and Hopped Up CANS!

Yes, we CAN!
    Brand-spanking new Handlebar and Hopped Up Hard Cider 4-packed cans are available for purchase at The Old Mine and will hit the shelves at select liquor stores over the next few days (County Line in Erie, Atlas Valley in Lafayette, Wyatt’s in Longmont, and more. Call ’em to see if they’re on the shelf and spread the Handlebar love!)
    THANK YOU for your support as we’ve Canpaigned hard once again to put our cider into cans!

Hats! Hats! Hats Are Here!

The Old Mine hats are back in stock! Have you seen your head lately? I mean, REALLY seen it? When you last looked at it, was it covered or uncovered? If it was uncovered, then you, my friend, may need something we have: A HAT! That’s right! New Old Mine hats are in and they look perfect sitting on top of things like heads! Come on down and check out our colorful collection and put something on your head that’s not a) your hair, b) fake hair, or c) a tam o’shanter. $25 each!

Hopped Up Handlebar Bombers!

The verdict is unanimous: whether you like hops or not, our Hopped Up Handlebar Hard Cider has a taste everyone loves. With the perfect balance of crisp, delicious Handlebar and the right amount of Organic Citra Hops, this is the taste that no tap can hold. So now, we’re making 750ml Belgian Bombers of this liquid gold available. Come in and grab a Hopped Up Bomber today!

Apple Pie Hard Cider

Apple Pie Hard Cider. Does that sound delicious? Carefully crafted (just like Grandma would’ve done if she made hard cider) with tart, sweet apples, cinnamon, vanilla beans, nutmeg, and a few secret spices, it’s more than delicious—it’s Grandma’s Kitchen-elicious. And, lucky for you, we just made a huge batch of this beauty. It’s now available for big pours and growler fills! So come on in and grab a tall drink of Apple Pie Hard Cider. It’ll make Grandma smile.

Mining for Good

We didn’t create The Old Mine to only provide delicious cider, beers, and food to the people of Erie. We created The Old Mine to—you might say—ferment community.

Our space is designed to connect people, host groups, and do good.

Beginning September 25th and going all the way to December 11th, every Monday (except Labor Day), we’re opening our Community Room to host MINING FOR GOOD. Mining for Good is when local groups use our space to host fundraising events for causes that matter to the community.

On each of those nights, we will donate all profits (every dime!) to the group that has partnered with us for that evening. So, if you stop by The Old Mine on a Monday night this fall, and buy a beer, the profit for that beer will go to that Monday evening’s charity.

Grab a drink and do some good.

So, if your group would like to use The Old Mine to raise money for a good cause, let us know! Slots fill up fast! And if you want to use one of our Monday nights to host a private fundraiser for your group, let us know that, too!

Mining for Good—because it’s always a great idea to do some good.

-Kevin, John, Mike and The Old Mine Crew

To book your Monday night event, email

F•E•W Rye Barrel Aged Imperial Hard Cider

Three months ago we got our hands on a single small-batch Rye barrel from F•E•W distilling and put some Imperial Handlebar Hard Cider to slumber inside. Now, three months later, it’s awake and alive again. And wow. Head on down to The Old Mine for this delicious 12.3% ABV, one-off, super-small-batch, tap room only monster while it lasts. Cheers!

Strawberry Basil Hard Cider

It’s summertime! And farmer’s market time! And fresh basil and strawberry time! Now on tap at The Old Mine is our newest delicious small batch offering — Strawberry Basil Hard Cider! So many exclamation points! How about one more! Nice!

The Old Mine is now on Untappd!

Wondering what cider and beer The Old Mine is serving up on any given day? Your days of wondering are over! Now you can tap to find out what’s on tap! With the fantastic Untappd app you can not only discover what liquid wonders we’ve made available, but you can also rate and track everything you taste. Win badges as you try new drinks and get connected with the beer and cider nerd community near you. It can also notify you when we’re bringing out something new! Download the free app on your phone and follow The Old Mine on Untappd!