Apple Pie Hard Cider

Apple Pie Hard Cider. Does that sound delicious? Carefully crafted (just like Grandma would’ve done if she made hard cider) Handlebar with Granny Smith apples, organic Colorado apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, a dash of lemon juice, a pinch of salt and a few secret spices, it’s more than delicious—it’s Grandma’s Kitchen-elicious. And, lucky for you, we just made a huge batch of this beauty. It’s now available for big pours and growler fills! So come on in and grab a tall drink of Apple Pie Hard Cider. It’ll make Grandma smile.


We know how it is: your day drags. It just does! And what keeps the drag from pulling you down the rest of the day? That’s right: lunch. But it can’t just be any lunch. It has to be a good lunch. No… it has to be a GREAT lunch.

We’re serving up one incredible lunch special from 11am to 3pm Tuesday-Fridays at The Old Mine… and we’re calling it The Happy Miner.
You get your choice of a sandwich, a side, and a drink (either nonalcoholic or draft) for $11 (nonalcoholic) or $14 (alcoholic draft … yes, any draft!)
Your happy choices?
• Sandwich: Smoked Jurassic Pork, Chicken, Sausage, or  (+$1) Prime Brisket
• Side: Homemade coleslaw, burnt-end beans, or Boulder Chips
• N/A drink: soda, sparkling water, or draft kombucha
• Alcoholic Drink on Draft: In-house Hard Cider or Beer
Dine in (or take it out if you’re getting a nonalcoholic beverage)!
Call ahead!
Order for your office!
Just order for you!
No matter what, just make sure you do what you have to do to make your day great: become a Happy Miner.

Peach a’ la Mode Hard Cider

In his 1979 masterpiece, “The Jerk,” Steve Martin introduced the world to “Pizza in a Cup.” Almost 40 years, later The Old Mine is introducing the world to Peach Pie in a Glass.

Introducing Peach à la Mode Hard Cider. It’s made from one hundred pounds of oven-baked Palisade peaches, vanilla, and cinnamon sticks. Like all our ciders, it’s gluten free, unique, and delicious.
So come on down to The Old Mine, grab a big pour or a full growler of Peach à la Mode Hard Cider and discover your special purpose.

CITRABAR is now on tap!

It’s the surprise we’ve all been waiting for! Citrabar is our citrus-bursting-full-o-juiciness-conundrum. It’s the perfect cider if you love juicy hops. It’s also the perfect cider if you don’t like hops. It’s the Schroedinger’s Cat of ciders (for you physics nerds). Clocking in at 6.8% ABV, stocked with generous amounts of Citra hops added during the Handlebar process, and bursting with fruit, texture, and deliciousness, Citrabar is the cider for you.
And if that isn’t rad enough… to celebrate the release of Citrabar, we’re doing an amazing deal on our Hopped Up cans to celebrate the end of summer. Only $8.99 a 4-pack to go or $49.99 a case you’ll be up to your ears in Hopped Up goodness. Cheers, Old Miners!

MINING FOR GOOD Monday Nights Begin Sept. 10th!

We didn’t create The Old Mine to only provide delicious cider, beers, and food to the people of Erie. We created The Old Mine to—you might say—ferment community.

Our space is designed to connect people, host groups, and do good.

Beginning again Monday Sept. 10th and going all the way to Dec 10th (!), every Monday, we’re opening our Community Room to host MINING FOR GOOD. Mining for Good is when local groups use our space to host fundraising events for causes that matter to the community.

On each of those nights, we will donate all profits (every dime!) to the group that has partnered with us for that evening. So, if you stop by The Old Mine on a Monday night this winter, and buy a beer and BBQ, the profit for that deliciousness will go to that Monday evening’s charity. If a charity isn’t signed up for that night, the profit will go into our Old Mine Mining for Good fund for needs in the community!

Grab a drink and do some good.

So, if your group would like to use The Old Mine to raise money for a good cause, let us know! Slots fill up fast! And if you want to use one of our Monday nights to host a private fundraiser for your group, let us know that, too!

Mining for Good—because it’s always a great idea to do some good.

-The Old Mine Crew

To book your Monday night event, email


Non-Alcoholic Nitro Chocolate Milk and Carbonated Juice NOW ON TAP!

You know what it’s like. It’s the end of a hard week. You just want to relax and enjoy yourself. So, you head on down to The Old Mine and grab yourself a pour of Handlebar Hard Cider… or a Cider Cocktail… or some amazing beer that’s on tap. You’ve earned it.

But what about Junior? What about your little Princess? Those kids of yours just capped off a tough first week of school. What do they get as a reward? A box of non-juice juice and a hair tousle?
This weekend, why not bring the whole family down to The Old Mine and give everyone something special.
Sam and Sally can choose from our latest creations: MustacheJuice–a carbonated blend of five juices (apple, cranberry, raspberry, grape and black currant) or MustacheMilk–nitro chocolate milk made with whole milk, cocoa, vanilla, and cane sugar.
That first week of school is tough, remember? Help ’em cap it off with something fun, delicious, and unique.

Extended MON & SUN hours and HATS!!!

To kick off summer, we’re now open for an extra hour every Monday (4-9pm) and Sunday (Noon-9pm)! Also, our Colorado Handlebar hats are back in stock! Because have you seen your head lately? I mean, REALLY seen it? When you last looked at it, was it covered or uncovered? If it was uncovered, then you, my friend, may need something we have: A HAT! That’s right! Old Mine hats are in and they look perfect sitting on top of things like heads! Come on down and check out our colorful collection and put something on your head that’s not a) your hair, b) fake hair, or c) a sunburn. $25 each!

Shirts! Shirts! Shirts!

You know you love shirts. In fact, I bet you’ve worn one ALMOST EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE–that’s how much you love them! In honor of shirts, guess what we at The Old Mine are offering? That’s right! SHIRTS! Now available and re-stocked, to a torso near you, are a wild and wonderful colorful array of The Old Mine t-shirts. They’re each only twenty bucks–so grab one fast and let everyone know that when it comes to shirts, you love ’em! And not only that, you love The Old Mine, too. Cheers!

Handlebar Hard Cider Cocktails!

To kick off Cinco De Mustache the Old Mine Ciderita is back … and it brought friends! In the spirit, we’ve once again added spirits to our delicious Handlebar Hard Cider and come up with some refreshingly wild and wonderful cocktails! These gems are sure to get your ‘stache feeling fine.

Original Ciderita — 100% Blue Agave Tequila, Fresh Squeezed Orange and Lime Juice, and Handlebar Hard Cider served over ice.

Julep’s Minty Mustache — Kentucky Rye Whiskey, Mint Infused Syrup, St. Germain Elderflower, and Handlebar Hard Cider served over ice.

The Old Minehattan — Kentucky Bourbon, Smoked Bacon Simple Syrup, Fresh Orange Juice, Luxardo Maraschino Syrup, and Handlebar Hard Cider served over ice.

Country Cosmo — 10x Distilled Triple Filtered Vodka, Prickly Pear Puree, Pineapple Juice, and Handlebar Hard Cider served over ice.




Daily Salad and Nightly Dinner Features!

We’ve added a delicious salad to our menu to go along with our slow-smoked-out-back BBQ and fresh Artisan Pizzas! We’ve also resolved to make your summer even tastier, so we’ve added insane nightly dinner features–available from 4pm until they sell out!
The Daily Salad: Spinach, blue cheese, strawberries, granny smith apples, candied walnuts, red onions, lemon-dijon vinaigrette
Tasty Tuesday: Pork spareribs with burnt-ends baked beans
Chili Bowl Wednesday: Texas red chili and sweet cornbread muffin
Thankful Thursday: Smoked turkey breast and broccoli cheese rice casserole
Finally Friday: Spicy mac n’ cheese can add pork, chix, sausage or brisket
Smokin’ Saturday: Smoked pig wings and smoked potato salad