Our Tanks Have Arrived!

Tank Header2

I got a call late Sunday night: “Howdy, this is Zeke from the truck freight company. I’ll be there at 7am tomorrow morning with your brew tanks, see you then and have your forklift ready!” And my reply: “I’m sorry, what??? The tank company never let us know they were coming and we don’t have a forklift let alone a hole cut in the side of the building big enough to get the tanks in.” His reply: “Don’t worry, you’ll figure it out.”

After a sleepless night, a hundred phone calls, and the help from some local Erie residents, our tanks are off the truck and in the building. A huge shout out toJoey Bocci, Jim the Forklift donating Carpet guy, and Dan Meyer for jumping in at 7am to help make it all happen!