An Apple Four Ways

4 Apples
Unfiltered #2 Handlebar Hard Cider: A 6.5% ABV slightly-sweeter version of the previous Unfiltered Handlebar.
Citra Fresh Hopped Handlebar: Attention, Hop-Heads! Unfiltered #2 is now fresh-filtering through whole leaf Citra hops.
Anejo Tequila-Oaked Handlebar: Shhh! A month ago some of our Handlebar Cider fell asleep in Anejo Tequila-soaked oak chips and we just woke it up. (Sorry, it’s all gone… but don’t worry, I’ll get another batch going. Because you loved it so much, I just ordered some freshly emptied Extra-Anejo Tequila barrels from Jalisco, Mexico to do some extended cider-aging in!)
Bourbon Barrel Fermented Imperial Handlebar: Four months ago we put our Imperial Handlebar Hard Cider in Breckenridge Bourbon barrels to ferment. I finally drained one and all I can say is, “Wow!” It’s time for YOU to try the results — apples, bourbon, caramel, vanilla, oak, sweet, heat, oh my! The CASK version we served over the last few weeks was a big hit. Now it’s time to try it cold and mildly carbonated. Next up to bat… my chocolate version – Bourbon Barrel Fermented Imperial Chocolate Handlebar Hard Cider. Mmmm.