The Old Mine Super Tap

Super Tap

Greetings, beer nerd (or future beer nerd)!

I’d like to introduce you to… THE SUPER TAP. “What’s the Super Tap?” you’re wondering. Well, I’m glad you asked.

The Super Tap is the tap that houses the crazy stuff. The rare stuff. The funky stuff. The stuff you tell your buddies, “You won’t believe what The Old Mine has on tap right now. We have to go there TONIGHT.”

The Super Tap is the result of a lot of work. Let me say that again: a lot of work. It’s the summation of hundreds of hours of networking and chatting up and connecting with various breweries and distributors. It’s been a lot of me begging and a lot of me talking up how great the Erie beer community is. And, it’s been a lot of them being really cool and excited about what’s going on at The Old Mine.

The work of supplying the Super Tap is never done, though! There are always more amazing beers to nab for it! And… that’s where YOU come in…

We’d love your help connecting us with folks who can supply the Super Tap. For instance, a good friend of The Old Mine named Greg recently connected us with the fine folks at Russian River. That means we’re now hopefully one step closer to Pliny on tap!

(In fact, the Russian River guys are probably reading this right now. We just want to say to you fellas, “Thanks! Us beer nerds in Erie, CO love you! We want your beers at The Old Mine! Let us know how we can be added to your community of fans and patrons!”)

The Old Mine is here for you, beer nerd. And we hope you’re here for us. We believe The Old Mine is a place that’s meant to be constantly evolving, growing, and changing, to serve our patrons better. We evolve as folks like you help us.

Enjoy the Super Tap! Enjoy our bottle list full of secret treasures! And enjoy each other. The Old Mine is here for your community. And here to put Erie on the beer map!