Sweet Tart Cider

Sweet Tart Hard Cider

I dedicate Sweet Tart Cider to my incredible wife, Shannon. Shannon hates beer, but loves cider. Actually, there’s one type of beer she likes: sour beer (like Duchesse De Bourgogne). So, I thought to myself: if sweet Shannon likes cider and sour beer, then there’s got to be a way for me to make sour cider.

And sure enough, I did it.

I took our hit ’49 Session Cider and twisted it up, giving it a bit of tartness to complement the sweetness. That’s how I ended up with our third offering in the Pneumoconiosis Series: Sweet Tart. Come on in and try this Gluten-free naturally soured treat.

For you, Shannon! (And anyone else who wants to give it a try.) Cheers!

-Mike Yeager