Handlebar Hard Cider Batch 5

Handlebar Batch 5

It’s time to get your mustache on for no-shave November! To celebrate Movember, a fresh batch of Handlebar Hard Cider is ready at The Old Mine! Not only that, but the name and logo of Handlebar Hard Cider have officially been trademarked! To celebrate this historic occasion, we’ve got some sweet new t-shirts available. So come on down for a tee and a glass of the best cider you’ve ever let slip past your mustache.

Over the last 3 years my goal has been to create a hard cider that could be enjoyed by all kinds of people–from soccer moms to hardcore beer geeks. Both moms and geeks agree: we’ve got a fantastic cider on our hands. With a 6.8% ABV it strikes the perfect balance of sweet and dry. Crisp and delicious, this is the hard cider for everyone. Cheers!

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