Valentine’s Now In A Glass!

Valentines Ciders

*** EDIT – All gone ***
     What happens when Valentine’s Day gives Handlebar Hard Cider a kiss? Magical deliciousness!
     We’ve created two small batch dessert ciders to celebrate the big, red day. The first batch takes a base of Handlebar Special Blend and adds a healthy dose of cinnamon, bing cherries and pomegranate. The second adds a handful of cacao nibs, strawberries, bing cherries and mild chilis to the Special Blend. (This second one has chilis to bring the heat to your Valentine’s!)
     These were too good to keep from the public until Saturday, so they’re on tap today! Cheers, hearts and hugs!
     *Since there are only five total gallons in the small batch series, growlers aren’t available of this. Sorry.