Handlebar Batch 8
     Handlebar… Hard… Cider… is… going… to… be… BOTTLED!
     It’s hard to believe a year and a half ago, we made our first batch of Handlebar at The Old Mine. Almost twenty variations later, we’ve created our eighth — and most perfect — batch. It’s so good, we’re doing a special, limited run of bottling for it.
     Over the next few weeks we’re hand-filling 500 bombers with this golden nectar to go on sale exclusively at The Old Mine. We’ll be throwing a bottle release party (details to come) that will include even more fun surprises.
     The portion of Handlebar Batch 8 that won’t go into bottles is being served on tap RIGHT NOW! With a 6.5% ABV, it strikes the perfect balance of sweet and dry, crisp and delicious. As always, it’s naturally gluten-free. Cheers!