***UPDATE: Dorothy has gone back to OZ. Stay tuned… in the next few months we should be getting some more Hill Farmstead. Woooooohooooo!!!!!!***    Last night’s Case of the Mondays was a blast as we laughed together, established new friendships, and dug into the cellar for some insanely awesome vintage beers. One of the treats we tapped was Hill Farmstead Dorothy. That’s right–Hill Farmstead Dorothy. Lucky folks at Case of the Mondays, right? Well, not just lucky them–lucky YOU.
    Because, Hill Farmstead Dorothy is now on tap at The Old Mine, ready for you to give it a whirl. This is the launch of Hill Farmstead’s hopeful distribution in Colorado. So it’s a real honor for us. That honor’s now yours–so get in here fast before the other beer nerds and grab yourself a glass! We promise you: once the beer nerds find out, it’ll be gone in an instant.
    Thanks for your love and support and for making crazy ideas like A Case of the Mondays and the Firestone Walker Top Shelf Tapping (February 5th! Tickets still available for vintage bottle pours!) a reality.
    Cheers! And we’ll see you at The Old Mine for some Dorothy!