ATOM TopShelfTapping

***EDIT – Wow, what a success! The Atom brews were amazing and didn’t last long. Keep on the lookout in the future for many many more Atom tappings. Congrats to Jeff and Chris!!!*** The Old Mine is proud to be the VERY FIRST BAR IN THE WORLD to feature our good friends (and long-time Erie resident) Jeff and Chris Porn’s indelible barrel-aged project brews. Here’s what’s on tap:

ARLO – Jeff’s take on a traditional Farmhouse Ale. Open fermentation in his custom-built oak fermentors, using a mix of his house yeast strain and local bacteria captured from around the brewery. ABV: 6.5%

MAGGIE – Small Batch Gin Barrel Farmhouse Ale. He took his ARLO farmhouse-inspired ale and aged it in a used gin barrel for two months. ABV: 6.5%

IMPERIAL FARMHOUSE STOUT – This big stout is open-fermented using his house yeast strain. Heavy roast, chocolate, and coffee notes are combined with a earthy character that lends a balanced dryness to what is usually a sweeter style beer. ABV: 9.9%

And here’s what Jeff and Chris had to tell us about their venture:

“Founded in 2012, in Erie CO Atom Brewing Company draws it’s inspiration from the old world Farmhouse Breweries of Europe. As much as we can, the ingredients we use, we grow ourselves or source from local providers. We then open ferment all our beers in custom built oak fermenters utilizing a house blend of yeast and bacteria part of which is captured organically from around the brewery. All of our beers are then aged in a variety of wine, spirit or neutral barrels made from either American or French oak. All of this combined allows us to create unique small-batch beers that we encourage you to enjoy in a community setting with family or friends.”