The Handlebar Factory

The Handlebar Factory

Imagine yourself sitting in an open airplane hangar, sipping on a rare beer or one of the best ciders in the country. You’re looking west at a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains. The sun’s just going down, marking the sky with pink and orange streaks. You take a deep, relaxing breath. You remember: this is why you live in Colorado. This is why you live near the Front Range. This is why you come to Erie.

You’re at… The Handlebar Factory.

What is The Handlebar Factory?

It’s The Old Mine’s big brother, coming very, very soon.

It’s a 2,500 square foot airplane hangar in the Erie Airpark.

It’s a place where you can enjoy top-shelf beer, whiskey, cider and select food options.

It’s a massive patio with incredible views of the mountains.

It’s where we’ll increase our Handlebar cider production, producing as many as 2,500 gallons at a time.

It’s where we’ll be kegging and canning Handlebar for distribution to local bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.

It’s not a replacement for The Old Mine—it’s an extension of The Old Mine.

Construction begins next month. Follow us on Facebook and The Old Mine website for postings and pictures to keep you updated on our progress.

Get ready. Your new Rocky Mountain relaxation spot is coming soon…