***UPDATE – This batch is all gone but not to worry, another one is on the way!*** A collaboration four years in the making! Our friend Cody and his fantastic crew at Proper Grounds Coffee Roasters in Lafayette continue to blaze the trail with insane results. The other day while hanging out we thought to ourselves, “Handlebar Hard Cider… Coffee… why not put them together!” So we dusted off the beakers and put on our mad-scientist goggles. Could it work?

A little bit of Roast #1… a little bit of Handlebar… a little bit more. Shoot. Too much. Gross. Start over. OK… a little bit of Roast #2, and on it went.

And eventually… we nailed it. We’re proud to introduce you to the “Proper Handlebar.” Roasty, chocolatey notes linger alongside a sweet, crisp apple finish. As crazy a combo as it sounds, it’s FANTASTIC! It’s a small batch collaboration that will go fast — so head on over to The Old Mine and get yourself a Proper Handlebar. Cheers!