The Handlebar Factory Update

     I know this update is late in coming, but we wanted to let you all know about some frustrating news. After a year of blood, sweat and beers, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best for us to cut our losses and walk away from the Erie hangar where we were planning to do The Handlebar Factory. We are still moving forward on the Factory, but we won’t be able to do it in the hangar–so we’ll be selling the property.
     This is sad and disappointing news for us (and, maybe for you, too), but through all of this process we’ve been continually reminded that the most important things in life are relationships. So, thanks to you. Thanks for your relationship with us, your care, your love, and your support as we’ve fought to live out the next step of our dream. The fight continues, though! And we’re excited for 2017 and great things to come for you, us, The Old Mine, and The Handlebar Factory!
     Merry Christmas and cheers to you!
     Mike Yeager & John Jacquat