CrandleBerry Crisp Hard Cider

     ***EDIT – It’s all gone but new seasonals are pouring!*** Our cider is alive and sometimes has a mind of it’s own! Because we used 150lbs of fresh Wisconsin cranberries, this year’s Crandlebar took a refreshing and effervescent twist, earning it a new name: CrandleBerry Crisp. And it’s delicious! CrandleBerry is lighter, brighter, dryer, and with a subtle cranberry tart finish it leaves a bubbly tingle on the tongue. And … CrandleBerry is available for big pours and GROWLER FILLS to take to your Aunt Bessie’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. It is our gift to you!
     We are so grateful for all of you and would not be here today if it wasn’t for your support and wonderful community. Happy Thanksgiving Old Miners!