Non-Alcoholic Nitro Chocolate Milk and Carbonated Juice NOW ON TAP!

You know what it’s like. It’s the end of a hard week. You just want to relax and enjoy yourself. So, you head on down to The Old Mine and grab yourself a pour of Handlebar Hard Cider… or a Cider Cocktail… or some amazing beer that’s on tap. You’ve earned it.

But what about Junior? What about your little Princess? Those kids of yours just capped off a tough first week of school. What do they get as a reward? A box of non-juice juice and a hair tousle?
This weekend, why not bring the whole family down to The Old Mine and give everyone something special.
Sam and Sally can choose from our latest creations: MustacheJuice–a carbonated blend of five juices (apple, cranberry, raspberry, grape and black currant) or MustacheMilk–nitro chocolate milk made with whole milk, cocoa, vanilla, and cane sugar.
That first week of school is tough, remember? Help ’em cap it off with something fun, delicious, and unique.