CITRABAR is now on tap!

It’s the surprise we’ve all been waiting for! Citrabar is our citrus-bursting-full-o-juiciness-conundrum. It’s the perfect cider if you love juicy hops. It’s also the perfect cider if you don’t like hops. It’s the Schroedinger’s Cat of ciders (for you physics nerds). Clocking in at 6.8% ABV, stocked with generous amounts of Citra hops added during the Handlebar process, and bursting with fruit, texture, and deliciousness, Citrabar is the cider for you.
And if that isn’t rad enough… to celebrate the release of Citrabar, we’re doing an amazing deal on our Hopped Up cans to celebrate the end of summer. Only $8.99 a 4-pack to go or $49.99 a case you’ll be up to your ears in Hopped Up goodness. Cheers, Old Miners!