We know how it is: your day drags. It just does! And what keeps the drag from pulling you down the rest of the day? That’s right: lunch. But it can’t just be any lunch. It has to be a good lunch. No… it has to be a GREAT lunch.

We’re serving up one incredible lunch special from 11am to 3pm Tuesday-Fridays at The Old Mine… and we’re calling it The Happy Miner.
You get your choice of a sandwich, a side, and a drink (either nonalcoholic or draft) for $11 (nonalcoholic) or $14 (alcoholic draft … yes, any draft!)
Your happy choices?
• Sandwich: Smoked Jurassic Pork, Chicken, Sausage, or  (+$1) Prime Brisket
• Side: Homemade coleslaw, burnt-end beans, or Boulder Chips
• N/A drink: soda, sparkling water, or draft kombucha
• Alcoholic Drink on Draft: In-house Hard Cider or Beer
Dine in (or take it out if you’re getting a nonalcoholic beverage)!
Call ahead!
Order for your office!
Just order for you!
No matter what, just make sure you do what you have to do to make your day great: become a Happy Miner.