Cherry On Top Hard Cider

Cherry On Top Hard Cider is now on draft and available at The Old Mine for big pours and growler fills. Yes, the Handlebar you know and love took a swan dive into a big bowl of Cherries. And what were the Cherries on top of? Vanilla Bourbon’s left over Oak and Vanilla goodness! Come get some.

A FOX•DOG Coffee UPDATE from Ben and Stephanie

We here at FOX•DOG COFFEE want to start by giving a huge thank you to The Old Mine and their team for inviting us into their space and allowing us to serve coffee to the people of Erie over the last two months.

On January 15th, we welcomed our third son into the world. Zev Hauser was born four months premature. He is strong and growing but has a long road ahead before he can come home. The doctors and nurses are absolutely incredible, and we know he is in the best hands.

We as a family decided it would be best to stop serving coffee at the The Old Mine and focus our full attention on our forthcoming permanent space at 515 Briggs St., Unit A, right across the street. We hope for a short build/remodel and a grand opening this spring, just in time for some great patio weather!

Again, these last few months have been wonderful. We have loved being a part of The Old Mine family and getting to know the people of Erie. Thank you all for your continued support of our FOX•DOG family as we grow! We are so excited to see everyone soon and start pouring our coffee again!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We can be reached at Be sure to follow us on Instagram @foxdogcoffee for all the construction updates!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (and coffee mugs),

Ben and Stephanie Hauser

Vanilla Bourbon Hard Cider

Apples, Vanilla and Bourbon oh my! To kick off 2019, we’re bringing out a big batch of Vanilla Bourbon Hard Cider for big pours and growler fills! You’ve earned it. Yes, the Handlebar you know and love settled in for a long winter’s nap snuggled up in Kentucky Straight Bourbon Oak and Madagascar Vanilla. Clocking in at 6.8% ABV it’ll put a smile on your mustache! Cheers!

Candy Cane Hard Cider

Handlebar Hard Cider with fressssssh peppermint. Ooh La La! Santa would be proud. So come on down and get a glass of small-batch Christmas cheer!

And if you’re hunting for the gift that keeps on givin’ — get yourself or someone you love one of our 99 DAYS DRAFT CLUB cards! For just $99, you get a draft a day (any cider or beer on tap!) from January 2nd to April 10th, 2019 at The Old Mine. Cheers!

FOX•DOG Coffee – MORNINGS at The Old Mine

Craft Coffee at The Old Mine begins Tuesday December 11th!
    We are so excited to have our long-time friends Ben and Stephanie Hauser serve their coffee, espresso, and pastries at The Old Mine while their dream coffee shop across the street is being built. So come treat yourself and make some great new friends! They’ll be open Monday – Saturday from 7am-11am.
    To learn more about what Fox•Dog is all about, follow them on Instagram @foxdogcoffee and visit their website
    “In an effort to start connecting with our community while we await the opening of our flagship store, our friends at The Old Mine are welcoming our FOX•DOG COFFEE family! FOX•DOG COFFEE is a family-owned, independent coffee shop in Erie, CO. We exist to inspire the coffee journey by loving and serving everyone in our community. Our vision is to create a unique environment that celebrates our community by providing great coffee, excellent service, and space to gather and build relationships with one another.
    We have been married just over four years, have a great dog, amazing toddler twin boys, and are expecting another sweet babe this spring. Our love for each other is wild and wonderful, and we wouldn’t choose to live this crazy beautiful life any other way!”

99 Days Draft Club – Available NOW!

What a year 2018 has been, right? Quite a year for you… quite a year for those you love. Well, whether you love yourself… or a friend… we have a plan to help make this the best Christmas since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny Kaye: The 99 DAYS DRAFT CLUB. For just $99, you get a Draft Club Card which gets you a draft a day (any cider or beer on tap!) from January 2nd to April 10th, 2019 at The Old Mine. Did you catch that? A DRAFT A DAY FOR 99 DAYS. Think of all of the flavors! Think of all the fun! Think of all you can try! This is an $800 value–for $99. So hurry up and join the club–or buy a membership for a pal! Limited quantities available! Merry Christmas, Clark!



Crandlebar Hard Cider

    Give thanks that Crandlebar Hard Cider is now on tap! It’s a holiday batch of the Handlebar you know and love with 150lbs of fresh Wisconsin cranberries, cinnamon, oranges and vanilla. It’s available for big pours and growler fills – those who had it in years past will attest: it’s so insanely good it’ll  go fast, so hurry on over!
    Just a reminder: we’ll be closed all day on Thanksgiving and closed on Friday. So, come by before Thursday to grab a few growlers of delicious cider to bring to your turkey day feast.
    We’re thankful for you and for your continued support and love of The Old Mine. Here’s us, wishing you and yours a very, very happy Thanksgiving!

Apple Pie Hard Cider

Apple Pie Hard Cider. Does that sound delicious? Carefully crafted (just like Grandma would’ve done if she made hard cider) Handlebar with Granny Smith apples, organic Colorado apples, cinnamon, nutmeg, a dash of lemon juice, a pinch of salt and a few secret spices, it’s more than delicious—it’s Grandma’s Kitchen-elicious. And, lucky for you, we just made a huge batch of this beauty. It’s now available for big pours and growler fills! So come on in and grab a tall drink of Apple Pie Hard Cider. It’ll make Grandma smile.


We know how it is: your day drags. It just does! And what keeps the drag from pulling you down the rest of the day? That’s right: lunch. But it can’t just be any lunch. It has to be a good lunch. No… it has to be a GREAT lunch.

We’re serving up one incredible lunch special from 11am to 3pm Tuesday-Fridays at The Old Mine… and we’re calling it The Happy Miner.
You get your choice of a sandwich, a side, and a drink (either nonalcoholic or draft) for $11 (nonalcoholic) or $14 (alcoholic draft … yes, any draft!)
Your happy choices?
• Sandwich: Smoked Jurassic Pork, Chicken, Sausage, or  (+$1) Prime Brisket
• Side: Homemade coleslaw, burnt-end beans, or Boulder Chips
• N/A drink: soda, sparkling water, or draft kombucha
• Alcoholic Drink on Draft: In-house Hard Cider or Beer
Dine in (or take it out if you’re getting a nonalcoholic beverage)!
Call ahead!
Order for your office!
Just order for you!
No matter what, just make sure you do what you have to do to make your day great: become a Happy Miner.

Peach a’ la Mode Hard Cider

In his 1979 masterpiece, “The Jerk,” Steve Martin introduced the world to “Pizza in a Cup.” Almost 40 years, later The Old Mine is introducing the world to Peach Pie in a Glass.

Introducing Peach à la Mode Hard Cider. It’s made from one hundred pounds of oven-baked Palisade peaches, vanilla, and cinnamon sticks. Like all our ciders, it’s gluten free, unique, and delicious.
So come on down to The Old Mine, grab a big pour or a full growler of Peach à la Mode Hard Cider and discover your special purpose.