We love beer.

We love it so much we decided not to make any of it by ourselves. Instead of competing with the best beers in the world, we’re going to collaborate with the best brewers in the world. How’s that sound?

On Tap: The Old Mine offers the best beers on tap we can get our hands on. We have relationships with breweries all around the country and have an inside track to get some of the craziest, tastiest, rarest beers in a wild variety of styles. Our motto is: “Don’t serve any beer we wouldn’t be excited to drink ourselves.”

Collaborations: Us AND them. We’ll have friends from some of the best breweries in the world come to our place to experiment with our cider and for us to experiment with their beer. We can already taste the incredible combinations that will arise from these collaborations. A few are in the works…

Bottles: We’ve got a vast beer cellar and it’s growing every day. Every beer is selected by someone who falls asleep at night dreaming of Pliny the Younger, Chocolate Rain and Fou’ Foune. Our wide-ranging cellar full of both extreme rarities and fan-favorites is YOUR cellar.

Click Here for the current Bottle Cellar List 

Beer Cellar