Hard Cider

Handlebar GlassHard Cider on tap.

We base it all on our HANDLEBAR and IMPERIAL ciders which we’ve carefully developed over the last few painstaking years. Our goal was to create a naturally gluten-free hard cider that could be enjoyed by all kinds of people–from casual drinker soccer moms to hardcore beer geeks. The moms and the geeks agree: we’ve got one fantastic cider on our hands.
Handlebar Hard Cider: Our flagship brew. Handlebar is a crisp and delicious balance of sweet and dry.
Imperial Hard Cider aged in Barrels: Be careful. 10.5% ABV or more with a slightly dry finish and refreshing aftertaste. But watch that 10.5–it’ll bite ya back.
Experimental Hard Cider: Boldly going where no cider has gone before. Barrels and hops and fruit… oh my!