The Handlebar Factory Update

     I know this update is late in coming, but we wanted to let you all know about some frustrating news. After a year of blood, sweat and beers, we’ve come to the conclusion that it’s best for us to cut our losses and walk away from the Erie hangar where we were planning to do The Handlebar Factory. We are still moving forward on the Factory, but we won’t be able to do it in the hangar–so we’ll be selling the property.
     This is sad and disappointing news for us (and, maybe for you, too), but through all of this process we’ve been continually reminded that the most important things in life are relationships. So, thanks to you. Thanks for your relationship with us, your care, your love, and your support as we’ve fought to live out the next step of our dream. The fight continues, though! And we’re excited for 2017 and great things to come for you, us, The Old Mine, and The Handlebar Factory!
     Merry Christmas and cheers to you!
     Mike Yeager & John Jacquat

Crandlebar and Apple Pie Hard Cider

     ***UPDATE – They’re all gone but will be back next year! Cheers!*** Give thanks that Crandlebar Hard Cider is now on tap! We don’t know about you, but we love the Holidays because we can spend quality time with family and friends, eat amazing food, follow old family traditions, wear ugly Christmas sweaters, and the list goes on!
     Speaking of traditions, we started a new one — this year we made a BIG batch of Crandlebar! Crandlebar has been carefully crafted with our signature Handlebar Hard Cider, fresh Wisconsin white cranberries, and seasonal spices. Your taste buds will think it’s Christmas in a glass. And… Crandlebar will be available for big pours and GROWLER FILLS to take to your Aunt Bessie’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. It is our gift to you!
     We’re also releasing a small 5 gallon batch of our Apple Pie hard cider (which will be available for a limited time until it disappears.) So whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving — start a tradition and share a glass of Crandlebar and Apple Pie with your loved ones at The Old Mine! (ugly sweaters are encouraged.)
     We are so grateful for all of you and would not be here today if it wasn’t for your support and wonderful community. Happy Thanksgiving Miners!


***UPDATE – This batch is all gone but not to worry, another one is on the way!*** A collaboration four years in the making! Our friend Cody and his fantastic crew at Proper Grounds Coffee Roasters in Lafayette continue to blaze the trail with insane results. The other day while hanging out we thought to ourselves, “Handlebar Hard Cider… Coffee… why not put them together!” So we dusted off the beakers and put on our mad-scientist goggles. Could it work?

A little bit of Roast #1… a little bit of Handlebar… a little bit more. Shoot. Too much. Gross. Start over. OK… a little bit of Roast #2, and on it went.

And eventually… we nailed it. We’re proud to introduce you to the “Proper Handlebar.” Roasty, chocolatey notes linger alongside a sweet, crisp apple finish. As crazy a combo as it sounds, it’s FANTASTIC! It’s a small batch collaboration that will go fast — so head on over to The Old Mine and get yourself a Proper Handlebar. Cheers!

Handlebar and Hop Miner CANS!

Yes, we CAN!
    Brand-spanking new Handlebar and Hop Miner Hard Cider 4-packed cans are available for purchase at The Old Mine and will hit the shelves at select liquor stores over the next few days (County Line in Erie, Atlas Valley in Lafayette, and Wyatt’s & Twin Peaks in Longmont to start. Call ’em to see if they’re on the shelf and spread the Handlebar love!)
    THANK YOU for your support as we’ve CANpaigned hard to put our cider into cans!

Colorado Handlebar Shirts


Colorado Handlebar shirts now for sale at The Old Mine! Proceeds go toward helping us get our beloved Handlebar into cans. And… stay tuned! We have some exciting news on this front coming very soon! CHEERS!

Hop Miner Hard Cider

Hop Miner

Thar’s hopped up gold in them thar taps! We hear it all the time: people don’t like cider or they don’t like hops. Then, they take a sip of our Hop Miner Hard Cider and the tastes cause an explosion in their mouths, like TNT in a mineshaft. After that, they’re convinced of the delicious goodness that happens when we take our Sweet Tart Hard Cider and dry hop it in the kettle with just the right amount of Citra hops. Come on down to The Old Mine and take a taste of our wildly special and totally delicious liquid gold!

The Old Mine will be Closed on Mondays

Not that Mondays needed to get any sadder, but, starting Labor Day (Monday, September 5th), The Old Mine will be closed on Mondays through the rest of the year. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we’re freeing up Mondays so we can host private events and parties or charity events. Let us know what event needs you have so we can see if The Old Mine is the right venue for you! Not only that, but we’ll also be using Mondays to create great new ciders and flavors for our food menu.

Thanks for embracing and supporting our little dream in Erie. We’re so blessed to have such valued friends!
(Note: our Tuesday through Sunday hours will remain the same.)

CO Handlebar Belgian Glass

CO Handlebar Glass

Colorado Handlebar Belgian glasses are on sale now at The Old Mine. Grab a few glasses with a growler of Handlebar and let’s all toast to amazing summer nights in Colorado! Cheers.


CO Handlebar Trucker Hat

CO Handlebar Hat

Use your head to tell the world, “I want Handlebar Hard Cider in a can!” Proceeds from the sale of these hats go toward helping us get Colorado’s favorite cider in a can… so pick one up today!

Mustache Man for Handlebar in a can!

Mustache Man Shirt

Pop into The Old Mine and pick up a brand new, hot-off-the-press Mustache Man t-shirt! Not only will it let the world know you love The Old Mine, but proceeds from the sale of the shirts goes toward a canning line for Handlebar! Thanks for helping us get Handlebar Hard Cider in a can! Cheers to you, you Old Miner!